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“Solar energy is the most reliable, renewable and readily available energy source in the world. Until now it has been too expensive for most families. Solar Force is dedicated to bringing solar energy to the masses”- David Umezurike, Founder & President.

Solar Force set out 18 years ago to find affordable ways to make solar energy possible for our own families. This journey helped us to realize that we were not alone, an neither are you.

We seek out the best products and negotiate the best prices to make them available to you.

Our Solar Force Academy videos are designed to help you design and install the best system to meet your family’s needs.

Commercial, residential or governmental customers looking for turn key options should contact our experienced professionals for full service options.

We have everything you need to launch your own solar energy system and reap the savings. Contact us today.

24/7 Energy Availability

Solar energy is stored in efficient storage solutions and available on demand.

Solar is Affordable

Our Solar Freedom Kits are designed to be flexible around your budget and needs.

Commercial Solutions

Solar Force has been installing enterprise scalable solutions for more than 15 years.

Free Estimation

To get a free no obligation quote, please email us your details or call us and we will get back to the same day.

“Solar Force was able to create a great whole house system for our family. We love it. It paid for itself in about three years."

Team Members

Our Team is dedicated to guiding you through your solar journey.

Kyle Wachtstetter
Chief Operating Officer

Kyle Wachtstetter

David Umezurike
Director of International Sales Development

David Umezurike

Allen Hardage
Customer Engagement & Brand

Allen Hardage

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